The District of Columbia

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Dataset Information
ID: 2312
Name: Latrobe Survey
Description: Map exhibiting the property of the U.S. in the vicinity of the Capitol 1815
SDE Feature Dataset:
SDE Feature Class: Latrobe_Survey
Feature Type: Image
File Type: SDE Feature Class
System File Name:
Metadata Location: /metadata/Latrobe_Survey.html
Ownership/Acquisition Information
Provider: OCTO GIS
Originator: OCTO
Date Received: May 12, 2008
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Processing Information
Status: Available (The dataset is available in the baseline OCTO database and for distribution to internal and external entities.)
Update Frequency: None
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Download File Size: 98000000 bytes
Date Modified: 05/05/2009 (format: MM/DD/YYYY)