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Dataset Information
ID: 2265
Name: Land Use - Planned 2006
Description: This dataset was originally traced from the January 2002 District of Columbia Generalized Land Use map, and then was edited extensively to reflect the Comprehensive Plan adopted by the Council of the District of Columbia in December, 2006.
SDE Feature Dataset: Planning
SDE Feature Class: PlannedLandUse2006
Feature Type: Polygon
File Type: SDE Feature Class
System File Name:
Metadata Location: /metadata/PlannedLandUse2006.html
Ownership/Acquisition Information
Provider: OCTO GIS
Originator: OP
Date Received: December 20, 2006
DC Gov Data?
Processing Information
Status: Available (The dataset is available in the baseline OCTO database and for distribution to internal and external entities.)
Update Frequency: As Needed
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Date Modified: 04/18/2007 (format: MM/DD/YYYY)